Bibliophile Problems: Oh Borders! How We Miss Thee!

This is something you, me and all other book readers/buyers have come to terms with. There will never ever be another store like Borders.


Borders was magical and will always hold a special place in my heart. I remember the joy and excitement when walking into the store; whether it was looking for a specific book, browsing the shelves, chilling in the cafe, etc. It was always fun going to Borders and for me it was like being a kid at Christmastime.

I used to go certain locations so much that the staff members recognized me. I chatted with them about daily life and of course, good books. They were always kind and friendly to me, and never failed to help me find something I was searching for or suggest a good read.

Borders was like that friend that lent me money when I was broke too. I was a rewards members and they always had good sales and gave out great coupons so I could splurge on books responsibly (oh who am I kidding, you can’t splurge responsibly). And if a sale wasn’t going on I would always manage to get something from the bargain books section or buy one the many cool little trinkets they used to sell.

Me in Borders every time….



Then afterwards finding out I spent all my monies…


Then the saddest news came. Borders was going out of business and closing.


Sure everything would be on sale and super cheap, but I was losing a favorite friend and a favorite store as well. I visited multiple times during its closing days to buy hordes of stuff and saw tons of people. People who really weren’t book readers or even Borders shoppers, and were really there to cash in on the deals. It made me sad and angry. Where were these people when the store was doing its regular business?! They could have saved them from closing!

I may sound a little over emotional, but Borders was my favorite (physical, walk-in) book store ever. And there has been no book store to replace it yet. So may this post be an ode to Borders. We miss you my friend.

5 thoughts on “Bibliophile Problems: Oh Borders! How We Miss Thee!

  1. Wow–this is a blast from the past!
    I worked at Borders for seven years–back when you had to take the famous “book test” as a screening tool during your interview. For a booklover, it was such a great job–surrounded by books all day, and surrounded by people who wanted to talk about books all day. I LOVED that job. Then, unfortunately, lots of corporate shifts happened, and a lot of the employees who had been there for years (like me!) were forced out. The Borders culture really changed–and kept going downhill until…well, we all know what happened. I had a lot of bitter feelings when I had to leave, but boy did I love that place when it was good there! I miss it!

  2. Words can’t even begin to describe how much I miss Borders. When I heard they were closing permanently, I took the news hard & it felt like the loss of a family member. No other brick & mortar bookstore (of which few remain) can ever replace them. I even still have and carry my Borders Rewards card around in my wallet 🙁

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