8 Good Websites to Get Awesome E-Book Deals

If you own a e-reader or haven’t downloaded a e-book app or your computer, phone, tablet, etc. you’re probably always on the hunt for good deals or even freebies. Check out these sites for some new e-book reads!

*All of these sites are free

1) Amazon

Amazon not only offer e-books versions of your favorite novels, but also sells e-books at a reasonable price. They always have daily deals and if you search right you can find lots of freebies.

2) Free Bookster

Free Bookster is a site that shoes the daily free e-books and sorts them by genres so it’s easy to navigate what types of books you’re looking for. It also notifies you of daily low-priced books $#1.99 and under and giveaways.

3) Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble like Amazon offers lots of free and low price e-books for the Nook. Don’t own a Nook? No problem, just download the reader app and you can read on your computer.

4) eBook Daily Deals

Self explanatory. I like the easy navigation and the way the site is organized. You can even get deals if you live outside the US (ex. UK/Australia)

5) Book Bub

Another daily freebie/discount site. Sign up for the e-mail list and you get offer sent to you.

6) Riffle Select

Riffle is a website that is like Pinterest for books. Riffle Select sends free and discounted eBooks deals delivered to your e-mail inbox as soon as you sign up. You pick the genres, and it will base your selections for the e-book offers they’ll send you.

7) Publishing Companies

Lots of publishing company sites talk about their latest book releases and authors, but have weekly giveaways of upcoming books. Keep your eyes peeled.

8) ReadPrint

Same as the other sites, but with more options. You can brown online/physical books and search through categories of genres/authors. In a way it’s almost similar to Goodreads or Shelfari.

Don’t forget bloggers!

Book bloggers not only write about the latest novels and their bookish quirks, but they are also your friends and reading confidants . I know a lot of bloggers who swap cool websites and share e-book deals to help other fellow readers!

Hope you enjoy these websites! Happy eBook hunting!

Do you have any go to eBook sites? If so, share them in the comments 🙂



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