15 Day Book Blogger Challenge Day 9

Hey everyone!

I was supposed to post this yesterday, but my internet was down so I couldn’t. So here it is today! If you don’t already know by now this lovely challenge is provided by the blog, Good Books And Good Wine. Be sure to check it out!


Day 9: Why do I blog about books?

I love to read duh!!! Just kidding I’ll write more than that.

My love of reading stems from my childhood. I remember eagerly asking my Grandma to teach me how to read and it all started from there. My first trip to the library; I thought and felt (like I still do to this day) that books were magical. They could take me to different places, I could learn about new things, and expand my horizons. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a book and read it. My local library at that time had a strict limit of only taking out only twenty books at a time. I was like, “Is that it?” and “Can’t I have more?”, I was so disappointed.

Fast forward to now. I had thought about starting a blog for the longest time, but had always been too busy or never had the courage to do it. Finally, when I finished my classes for the past semester I said “This is it!” “I’m going to start my blog this summer.” Then the next question came. What do I write about? I thought about it for a while, going through the list of many hobbies and still couldn’t come with an answer. I asked my friends and my mom what to write about and it came down to a tie between books and music, but in the end, as you can see, books won.

So my answer is; I blog about books because:

  •  It is the bane of my existence as a bibliophile
  • I meet other wonderful book nerds
  • It’s fun
  • I can geek out
  • It’s stress releasing
  • And most of all…because I love books 🙂

Now the question goes to my other book bloggers, why do you blog about books?

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