15 Day Book Blogger Challenge: Day 14

Wow! I can’t believe I’m a day away from finishing my first challenge. The time went by so fast! If you don’t already know by now this lovely challenge is provided by the blog, Good Books And Good Wine. Be sure to check it out!


Day 14:  Tell us your deal breakers.

I’m not too picky when I read books or choose them, but here are my absolute deal breakers:

  • I can’t buy books with large print. The font is too large, everything is all wrong, and it just really bugs me.
  • No movie cover books. I like to buy the book with its original cover.
  • If I’m buying used books, even if it looks really good to read, I will not pick up if it smells like cigarettes. (I think this is reasonable).
  • I will not buy books in hardcover unless it’s a by one of my favorite authors or it’s a must read (more of a money reason rather than a deal breaker).
  • If you are my friend and I lend you my book (I don’t lend books to just anyone) I expect you to bring it back in pristine condition. My books mean a lot me and I would appreciate if you didn’t tear them up. (I think this is also reasonable, seeing as it’s one of those basic rules of “treating other people’s items with respect”)

That’s about it. What are your personal deal breakers when it comes to borrowing and buying books, or anything else related to books? Let me know!

2 thoughts on “15 Day Book Blogger Challenge: Day 14

  1. I can’t buy novels whose narrative is in the present tense.

    I don’t like books whose title on the cover is written in very small letters.

    I cannot buy books with less that 38 lines a page.

    I don’t like books in hard cover (less of money reason and more of a deal breaker for me).

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