10 Expressions of a Bibliophile (As Told By Memes)

1) Finding amazing books in the library


The greatest joy of going to the library is not only checking out many books for free, but finding a “gem” in the midst of all the books. Sometimes the best books are the ones that are hidden.

2) When buying books…


I don’t think I’m the only one who gets frustrated with this, but I can’t stand pricing stickers. Once I tried to rip off the sticker and I tore the cover by accident (sobs internally). I guess the sticker won that round.

3) Reading books before the movie adaption


Bibliophiles always react this way to film adaptions of their beloved novels. Because when you sit down to watch the movie one of two reactions will occur: 1) the movie is the most amazing thing I have ever seen, or 2) they crushed my dreams and turned them to dust. Most of the film adaptions I have seen lately, overall are pretty good, but some of the ones in the past have been absolutely terrible and should have been left as books.

4) Not wanting to be interrupted while reading


Pretty self explanatory. When you are at the best part of the book or just are on an intense reading spree, people always try to talk to you. Best thing to do is distract them, flee the scene, and find shelter while wearing your invisible cloak.

5) Trying to finish a book while being incredibly sleepy


This applies to reading for fun and for school. It’s so hard to read when you’re tired. Especially when you want to read those last 50 pages before going to sleep. Sometimes caffeine doesn’t do it’s job and the next thing I know I’m waking up with my face plastered in my book.

6) Reading a series


Starting/stopping a series can cause great confusion. I can’t tell you how many series I’ve read and then somewhere in the book I end up questioning myself. Usually I’m forgetting past events/characters that would help me understand the story. This also applies to movie adaptions too. When I watch the movie I realize I have forgotten certain parts of the books and I sit and think “did that happen?” or “did the director change that scene?”

7) Mourning over fictional characters


Let’s face it, when a book is extremely good, its like the characters have become your own best friends and family. For that reading period, you are living in their world, and you let them into your hearts and…BAM! They die! You are immediately saddened and go into the five staes of grief, but you come to terms with their death and move on. They’ll always live in your memory.

8) When people question “why do you read so much?”


I can’t stand this question. Sometimes readers not only like to read books for fun, but we also like to learn new things. When you open a book, you expand you mind and get a better understanding of the world around you. Remember, knowledge is power!

9) Spoilers


Enough said. Just don’t do this.

10) Reading as much as possible


Okay so reading all of the books in the world isn’t impossible… It is?…. No! That’s not true!….. sigh…..So maybe we can’t read ALL of the books in the entire world, but we can try right? Let’s do this!

What is your favorite book meme out of the list? Leave them in the comments!

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